Who we are

We are an Italian company with over 18 years of experience in the web world, thanks to which we have been involved in many aspects of different business sectors. This experience includes every aspect of e-commerce creation and management.
Over the years, we have learnt that attention to detail, quality service and fast support are more important than ever in creating a lasting bond of trust with customers. This shop benefits from all of these qualities.

Our projects are looked after and managed down to the last detail by our team.
We have chosen to 'link' this shop to the property portal 'AllaRicerca.it' because it extends the concept of home beyond the traditional portal.
On the one hand there is the search for a house, an office, a property in general, and on the other hand there is the "joy" of creating new experiences, living them, celebrating the purchase or rental of the property by designing new corners and filling them scenographically with decorative objects of emotional impact.

Buy with your heart

The products we offer you are carefully chosen by our team according to precise requirements such as sustainability, quality and reliability.
We believe that nowadays shopping online cannot be a waste of resources, but must become a conscious purchase by producing only the product actually purchased, eliminating waste and what it does to the environment.

Home Stager

The shop is also aimed at professionals who wish to get hold of special decorative objects.

You can use our products to decorate your property or to incorporate them into a home staging project creating positive experiences.

Find Inspiration