B2B Account

If you are a professional and want to get the most out of our shop, please consider sending us your invoice details after registering. Should you decide to purchase products you need for your business from our shop, we will send you an electronic invoice at the end of your purchase.

The invoice goes straight into your tax drawer.
Of course, we will also send you a courtesy invoice as a reminder of your purchases.
Thanks to electronic invoicing, you can include the cost in your tax return and deduct the VAT on your purchase.

Data to be sent to us with a simple email when you have purchased a product from our shop; email to ordini.shop@allaricerca.it

1. Company name
2. Legal address
3. Town/postcode
4. VAT number
5. Tax code
6. SDI and/or PEC Recipient Code

Special Discounts

For you as an Interior Design Professional who needs to keep up with the trends and buy furniture or other products you need for your Interior Design or Home Staging projects, we have come up with an irresistible and advantageous offer.
On your next purchase you will receive a 15% Discount Code for a minimum purchase of 200€.

Trend Design

Be inspired by our products and find innovative solutions for your work. Your projects will improve with the addition of special objects with a WOW effect.
Looking for a certain product and can't find it? Send us an email to shop@allaricerca.it and we will search for it in our extensive catalogue of suppliers.

Find Inspiration

Create new experiences

With the products in the Shop you can make as many combinations as you wish. Revive your artistic side and get inspired!

  • Sustainability

    Products are carefully chosen not only for their design but also for the way they are processed and their environmental impact.

  • Quality Ceramics and Porcelain

    We love imperfections because they make objects unique. Objects that are similar but not identical, still find the final touch of the craftsman who created it for you.

  • Waste reduction

    Products are manufactured by trying to eliminate waste and thus avoid filling warehouses. Only what is necessary and only the products required are produced.

  • Trend Design

    We always follow trends in interior design, so the products we offer are in line with current trends, not only in design but also in everyday use.